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Maintaining your health through prescriptions is necessary, but not necessarily simple.  Fontana Pharmacy is committed to providing the services and support you need to understand and manage your prescriptions.

The Pharmacy is the heart of every Fontana Pharmacy store; each store is operated by a licensed pharmacist.  Pharmacists are university-educated front line health care providers who are an integral part of the community health care team.

Together with a team of pharmacy technicians, your Fontana Pharmacy Pharmacist is dedicated to making a difference to the health and well-being of every Jamaican.  With Fontana Pharmacy support, you are guided through the essential facts of your medication conveniently, consistently and comprehensively.

After all, your health needs are unique to you.

Can I Use  My Health Cards To Fill Prescriptions ?

Fontana Pharmacy make presciption filling easy with health card purchase. THIS SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE.  You MUST visit our location and present an approved doctor's prescription refill form. We accept a wide range of Health Cards to Include:

blank.gif Firstlife Insurance
blank.gif Sagicore
blank.gif Guardian Life Medicus
blank.gif National Health Fund
blank.gif JADEP